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Alzheimer Community Support of Burundi (ACSB)

The goal of the  Alzheimer Community Support of Burundi (ACSB) is to help sick people and their loved ones live better with the disease and delay the loss of autonomy as long as possible.

Who are we?

We are a network, a community made of people with Alzheimer or other dementia, members of families of people living with the diseases, social workers, medical practitioners and volunteers. We work toward improving the health and wellbeing of people with Alzheimer and other dementias. We work with and among people with the disease, considering aging people at the central of humanity who need support and care. Out team collaborates with researchers, specialists and experts for innovative and researched based project towards to reduce vulnerability, increase access to medications and treatments and nutrition.

Our Mission

The goal of the  Alzheimer Community Support of Burundi (ACSB) is to help sick people and their loved ones live better with the disease and delay the loss of autonomy as long as possible. We advocate social acceptance through Understanding, Support and direct Action


Alzheimer's disease, its determinants and its issues by producing multidisciplinary studies integrating the humanities, social sciences and public health.

The Organization bases its action on knowledge that integrates the entire field of biomedical research and the humanities and social sciences. It is very attentive to innovations in the field and analyses and endeavors to anticipate the evolution of the disease, its determinants and the context in which it occurs.

This broad openness enables it to take a 360-degree view of the disease, its consequences and its environment. To achieve this, it has a multidisciplinary team of researchers made up of economists, geographers, doctors, sociologists and research engineers.


Local volunteer, host communities , peer educators, researchers and actors in the field by creating small projects, conducting studies and innovative initiatives and developing partnerships.

The ACSB’s vocation is to bring about more effective support solutions by funding the work of local researchers in public health and the human and social sciences as well as projects by players in the field through searching grants, assist in calls for projects, prizes and partnerships.

Take action

By experimenting, direct assistance, building capacity , community awareness and promoting innovative practices and solutions.

The ACSB is committed to improving the living conditions of sick people and their loved ones in a concrete way by disseminating good practices and innovative solutions.

Through the Alzheimer Training Centre (ATC), it offers certified training courses for professionals to better support elderly people living with cognitive disorders.

Through its Living Lab, it evaluates, tests and develops innovative responses in the field to improve the integration and quality of life of people with Alzheimer's disease. Finally, it offers convincing support solutions to public authorities through its advocacy function.

Join us for fundraising

During the World Alzheimer Month, we are organizing special events for aging people hosted mainly for catholic sisters “ Centre St Elisabeth” and other centers and houses in Burundi. We are looking to raise 7500 USD till end September. The donation is needed in this critical situation of Covid 19 so that we continue taking care and provide vital support to our people with dementia and Alzheimer :  Please donate by transfer or cheque.